Watch this space

Watch this space for news of progress on the campaign to get free wifi for patients in all UK hospitals.

In the meantime – join the Facebook Group at

or donate to get a pilot established at

or contribute your story demonstrating the benefits of internet access in hospital

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Free Hospital Wifi – Nearly There!

Those who know me will be aware that I have been campaigning for free patient access to wifi in NHS hospitals for more than 10 years. For most of that time I felt like a voice in the wilderness. In recent years the support has gathered, and, in the last year at least, it has felt like there was a momentum behind the idea.

And now…. the moment has not yet arrived, but the door is open. Today, Martha Lane Fox published her “Digital Recommendations for the NHS“. Among the recommendations are that all health staff should have digital skills, AND, that there should be free wifi for staff and patients across the NHS estate.

I know from experience that there is a long distance between recommendation and implementation, particularly in an NHS which is actually made up of a plethora of autonomous units. But the recommendation is there, and it has a budget behind it.

So, maybe the Campaign has won. But still join it any way here to make sure the momentum is maintained.

We are nearly there!


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Just £650 could get you an instant wifi hotspot with a year’s data

Just £650 could pay for an instant wifi hotspot with a year’s data. A WiBE costs around £350. Plug it in and you have an instant wifi hotspot that connects to the internet using a 3G signal. And a large number of devices can connect to it via wifi. For £25 a month you can get more data than most people will need. The advantage of using a WiBE is that the wifi hotspot has no connection at all with the organisation’s data network.

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